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  Meet Francis Bonnet

Francis Bonnet started his cartooning career in the 4th grade by passing out self-drawn, pocket-sized comic books for his classmates and friends to read and comment on. A joy that has never escaped him, Francis continues creating new cartoons to this day.

Francis first began publishing comics on the web in 2003 with the comic strip Crunchy. The strip centered around a crazy turtle of the same name and ran for over two years. Since ending Crunchy in 2005, Francis has worked on two other series, Suburban Fairy Tales (2005 - 2006 and 2008-present) and Made To Malfunction (2006 - 2008). The complete run of all three strips been featured not only on francisbonnet.com, but also on 3rd party sites such as Comics Sherpa.com and Online Comics.net.

In addition to the web, Francis' strips have appeared in various print publications. Crunchy ran in MarketPlace Publications, a New York Community Newspaper, from 2002 until 2006, and was replaced by Suburban Fairy Tales, which is published to this day. The entire run of Suburban Fairy Tales has also been published in book form, which is available for purchase in the Merchandise section of this site. Made To Malfunction was also featured regularly in Raytoons Cartoon Avenue Magazine, a magazine featuring underground cartoonists and local college newspapers.

Although happy with the progress he has made in the field of comic strips, Francis is still working towards syndication.

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