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  Meet Michael Paraskevas

Michael and his mother Betty Paraskevas are the well known mother and son team who created Maggie and the Ferocious Beast for Nickelodeon. The team has also published 22 childrenís books over the past 15 years. They also created Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse for PBS and The Kids from Room 402 for Fox Family... which seems to be a big hit in eastern Europe. Michael Paraskevas is also celebrating 22 years as Danís Papers artist in residence. Thatís an honor he is amused at since he claims it sure didnít seem like 22 years. His cartoons and covers have graced Danís Papers year after year and continue to make the readers laugh. Michael and Betty also created The Cheap Show, and are writing a new series called Taffy Saltwater for TV animation. The Green Monkes has been running on a weekly basis for the last 12 years in Dan's Papers on the eastern end of Long Island. The wonderful Betty.... Michael's mother passed away in 2010... Michael continues to write and draw the strip his mother and he created. The weekly comic has been a blast but the idea of running it everyday and living with these lovable monkeys was too much to pass up. As we say..everyone loves monkeys. Make sure you see www.thegreenmonkeys.com and www.thecheapshow.com You can find me on Facebook too.....

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