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  Meet George Wielgus

Hi. My name is George Wielgus and my brain is wired for humor. It’s not that I can‘t be serious when necessary but what’s the point? A sense of humor is the best coping mechanism there is for all the curves that life throws at you. Humor can be found in almost every situation if you warp your perspective enough to see it. I used to wonder why jokes would always formulate in the deep recesses of my brain, but instead of getting all Freudian, I decided to just enjoy them. I don’t wrestle with personal demons, I clown around with personal jesters. I've been drawing all my life. My textbooks were comic books and Mad magazines. I became a commercial artist/illustrator, specializing in airbrush illustration. To me, good humor is humor that works on different levels. I believe a well written joke can not only appeal to surface dwellers who take the words literally, it can also spark a knowing reaction from those who choose to dig deeper. The English language is a fun sandbox to play in if you love wordplay like I do. This, coupled with a desire to entertain people with my artwork, led me to develop the comic strip “View From The Couch”. So, here are my efforts, posted on the internet for others to enjoy. I always wonder if people will like them or not. Either way, the joke’s on me.

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