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In the first half of the '90s Andrew Pilcher wrote a daily strip for the London Daily Mirror called "Millie". When not snapping pencils and trying to compose a frame without using perspective he is now a production editor for a series of fascinating business to business magazines like "Modern Asphalts", "Asphalt Professional" and the market leading "True Life Asphalt Confessions (starring Captain Tarmac and the Bitumen Kid)". He may have made the last one up. He cites his influences as Herge's adventures of Tintin, Peanuts, The Perishers and Doonesbury. He's English, which explains the funny spelling - just remember we Brits had the language first. He lives in Hastings, England, with his wife, Linda. She's American and makes sure the strip is bilingual. Smith (started on Jan 1 2010) is a return to the comic strip he did when he was a teenager at secondary school. After 30 years he feels it's time to return to drawing animals as they make so much more sense than people. There are no humans in this strip - they will remain resolutely offstage. If you enjoy Smith and want to see my old strip, 'Riverfields', then why not use the Uclick calendar on this site to go back in time to August 7 2006 and read it from the beginning...

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