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  Meet Timothy Simpson

I am a Surreal Pop Cartoonist with A.D.D. And why aren't Hammerhead Sharks required to join the carpenters union? I began my creative indulgence in the far away land of Laffganistan where i performed in the circus as an animal cookie trainer. Sadly, however, the cow died & i ran out of milk, a staple of the acts necessary persuasion & so i remained behind as a street juggler. But money was always tight, mainly because i passed a visor instead of the preferable derby recommended by 4 out of 5 buskers, & thus I set sail, & sometimes swam, the 7 1/2 seas... [I added the stream of consciousness]. Here I labored as a variety comic on cruise ships. A few years later i landed a short stint as a TV writer for CBS [WGA] & now currently reside in Hollywood California. So what have i learned from this journey so far? That i have yet to abide to the writing discipline which upholds the crucial necessity for brevity & that there's not enough paper or adamant condemnation to prevent me from soaring far beyond my wildest comedy limits. I still perform, and needless to say, ‘live’. But sometimes the pure visual innocence of a gag is a far greater showcase for the silly jokes i am plagued with daily! Is it a curse? I apologize to the few who may have suffered & i promise... no animal cookie was harmed or eaten in the making of any of these gags forthwith!

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