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  Meet Tom Giordanella

Hi folks, I'm Tom and I created Dust Specks; a cartoon that revolves around four characters, made of dust, and their interactions with each other and everything in the world (even YOU)! The secondary characters include Dust Mites (the villains), Dirt (the thugs), and Sand (cowabunga, dude!). Dust Specks materialized when I noticed some dust on my nightstand one afternoon. Immediately, the thought of a cartoon ran through my imagination and within minutes, I wrote my first strip. The one challenge I faced, however, was the inability to draw (not a good thing for an aspiring cartoonist!). Instead of throwing in the towel, I began utilizing local artists to do the illustrating for me. A few years back, I connected with Terrice Kimble and he has been my illustrator ever since. On a personal note, I enjoy family, friends (including my dog Dakota!), music, and the martial arts (I am a Black Belt in Kempo Karate, so you better like my cartoon!). I am also an avid sports fan. I like the Yankees, the Miami Heat(primarily because of Ray Allen), and, yes, the Knicks. I like traveling too. I have been to Australia, Hawaii, many of the Caribbean Islands, and throughout the States. I am a graduate of Manhattanville College where I majored in Economics and minored in both English and Psychology. And yes, I like long walks on the beach! Thanks for listening. You can see more of Dust Specks at www.dustspecks.com. Remember, Dust Specks...THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!! -Tom

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