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  Meet Brian Ponshock

I was born as a baby in 1971. I am the youngest out of a family of nine & have the hand-me-downs to prove it. I grew up in the rural area of Antigo, WI surrounded by potato farms. Looking back, I think the pesticides they used may have done something to my brain.

Being the youngest I was able to observe the oddities of my older siblings. With this I began noticing the oddities of life in general & it shaped my humor to where it too became odd. I have always enjoyed the arts, but especially the comics (Yes! Comics are a form of art). I always used to draw Snoopy laying on top of his dog house & always looked forward to the Peanuts specials on TV.

I am currently a mechanical designer & aspiring to become a cartoonist. I still live in Antigo with my partner Ron & our two dogs (kids) Forest & Stella.

I hope you enjoy Mindframe & look forward to your feedback.

Happy Laughing!


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