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  Meet Rick Enright

I started my "career" as a Cartoonist as a baby in a crib! As family members walked by my crib I cried out for pencil & paper to draw with. My cries came out as "Goo goo ga ga"! No one understood! Naturally resourceful, I made do with what was available...the wall next to my crib...and whatever nature provided in my diaper! I have a vague memory of my oldest brother & sister cleaning that wall as a favour to my Mother! At five, while drawing at the kitchen table I looked up to my dad and asked, "Do artists make a lot of money"? He laughed and he laughed. I thought he was crazy. Ever-determined, at the age of 18, I sold my first single-panel to a rural weekly newspaper in a small town where I had a summer job working on a farm. Over the years I have sold my cartoons to over 24 weekly newspapers in Canada and the U.S. as well as to various publications throughout Australia and the U.K. Although I am not posting my LaffToons here on a daily basis I am certainly capable of producing a daily cartoon if I was offered a contract that assured me $50 per daily cartoon! Just sayin'! In the meantime, please enjoy what I do post!

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