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  Meet J.K. Raimonde

Doghouse In Your Soul is a webcomic by Josh and Katherine Raimonde. Josh needed an outlet for his sarcastic and sometimes corny sense of humor, but couldn’t draw anything more complicated than a stick figure. Luckily, his wife Katherine had a life-long passion for art and jumped at the opportunity to bring his ideas to life in her (hard to find) spare time as a stay-at-home mom. Doghouse takes place in a pet shop named Mondo Pets, and features the characters: Chimney (chihuahua), Meshack (skunk), Alaska (crab), Mr. Frump (parrot), Coleslaw (cat), Spike (hedgehog), and Soupy (turtle). The comic features many pop culture references, social critiques, but deep down has a lot of heart. www.doghouseinyoursoulcomic.com www.facebook.com/doghouseinyoursoul

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