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Howdy all, my name is Troy Peterson. I currently live in Colorado after growing up in Wyoming and spending a few years in Montana. I can remember as far back as 3rd grade wanting to be a cartoonist. It's really the only thing I've ever truly wanted to do. I had a strip published in my high school newspaper and two college papers. I even won an award in college. I received 1st place from the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Press Association for my strip. But after college I went out into the real world, joined the work force and started a family. I continued to draw when I could. So here I am, many years later, trying out the Comic Sherpa. My latest strip is called 'The Old Man & His Dog'. It's about a lonely old man named John who lives with his best friend and dog, Walter. John is divorced. He hardly ever hears from his family. Walter really is his only friend. When he was younger he toiled away in the business world as a computer programmer. His heart wasn't in it but it paid the bills. After the divorce John decided he needed a do-over and, despite being a late comer, he managed to get a single panel cartoon syndicated. The cartoon is called "Blinded by the Light". When John isn't napping he's busy working on the comic, with lots of input from Walter. Upon occasion, often during one of his naps or daydreams, John lapses into memories of the past or perhaps more of a fantasy world or perhaps a mixture of the two, where he and Walter live in a Peter Pan-esque world. They are both very young and carefree. They live unsupervised in The Knotty Woods where they spend their days tromping through the forest, laughing, playing, eating and fishing. So please read my strip and tell all of your friends and neighbors about it. Add it to your Comics Page along with Adam@home, Get Fuzzy and Pearls. Please help me realize my dream. Help me get the syndicates' attention. Please...I'm begging you. Also, please provide complete, honest and brutal feedback. The strip is in development and can certainly change where needed. Thank you.

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