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I have spent all my life reading comic strips. There are about 150 comics I read every day on this site. Political comics have always made me laugh and I have always wanted to be a political cartoonist but I have never been able to draw. The week before Christmas I ordered a Wacom Intuos 5 - from B&H Photo - and started making comics using ever trick I have learned with PhotoShop. Living in a Southern red state you get to see a lot of political shenanigans. I am going to try and represent the world seen through the eyes of the Right, the Left and also my own personal interpretations. I think most of my comics will give both sides something to laugh about... or more likely give both sides reasons to hate me. I have always loved to read history. My comics will have references to military history, black history, 1960's US history and things I have seen and heard here in the sunny south. Now let the silliness begin. Ron - a dim blue bulb in a bright red state.

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