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Arthur Halley was born to pious missionaries working in the wildest stretches of bush in Southern Congo. Militia ruthlessly slaughtered his parents when he was just two and he was raised by a tribe of Bonobos until he was nine, when he was discovered and captured, along with other members of his Bonobo clan, by poachers intent on selling them all on the illegal black markets of the Far Eastern South Pacific. Halley was saved from slavery when pirates boarded the poachers' vessel on the Indian Ocean and killed everyone on board besides him, who was spared for the sole reason that the pirate captain could see in the young child's eyes the unquenchable rage that the slaughter of his two families -- one man, one ape -- had engendered in him, and was struck with the notion that such a vengeful youth could be molded into a most dreadful pirate. In the ensuing years, that notion became fact as Halley grew up, under the captain's tutelage, to become the most feared and wanted man in the Southern Hemisphere, known to most sea-going people simply as "The White Death". In 1997, through the treachery of a cowardly, homesick cabin boy, the pirates were taken prisoner by an international maritime authority in a midnight raid during which the captain, refusing to be taken alive, was shot and killed. While Halley was in prison awaiting trial, an upstart military junta deposed the maritime authority and succinctly vacated the operating legal system without releasing any of the incarcerated. In a lawless prison with no hope of ever tasting freedom again, Halley avoided despair by studying the works of Epictetus and Boethius, as well as Cicero's "The Dream of Scipio," which he had salvaged from the ruins of his parents' commune while living with the Bonobos. He also took to observing a family of rodents with whom he shared his dungeon cell, and began imagining humanistic existences for each of its members. He chronicled those imagined existences in a comic he called "Sub-Sub" (named for a character in the Author's Preface of "Moby Dick") as he awaited the day when he would have the freedom to avenge the blood of his two families and the pirate captain who was the only father he ever really knew. His blood lusted for the sea. Sometime in 2012, Arthur Halley passed away, still in prison. Freed from his corporal bond, his dread spirit slipped that dreadfull cell and was at peace. He now enjoys more time to work on "Sub-Sub". He remembers the lust the blood he had had for the sea.

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