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Hello, reader, and welcome to Candace 'n' Company! I'm Jordan Smith, creator of the strip since 2005, and I'd like to tell you a little about myself. I've always loved both drawing and writing. What better way to combine the two passions than comics? Much of my free time inevitably gets taken up with me sitting at the drawing board, usually working on my latest Candace 'n' Company strip, although I occasionally will work on something else. Obviously, being human, I sometimes find myself taking time now and then, but there are many other times where I need to get back to work and crank out multiple 'toons before I forget the latest batch of ideas that somehow formed in my mind when I least expected it (actually, I occasionally manage to dream up a strip!). I spent years submitting my cartoon to syndicates, and probably have enough paper from rejection slips to write up my own graphic novel. Candace 'n' Company appears in 1 paper, which publishes every 3 weeks. I earn about a buck a month doing this, while spending a lot more money (and time) working at it. But technically, I'm a professional cartoonist, and am hoping to get into a few more papers one day. Candace 'n' Company is also available on Facebook, The Comx Box Comics Syndicate blog site, and her very own official website (urls posted below). I like to think that through repeated cartooning I've gotten better. I save every original cartoon I complete, but am often embarrassed to dredge up some of the older ones. You're not likely to see any of them on my page here. Just the newer ones. Well, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy reading Candace 'n' Company! Want more Candace 'n' Company? www.candaceandcompany.com facebook.com/candaceandcompanystrip http://comxcandacencompany.blogspot.com/ http://www.zenithcitynews.com/062116/candace.htm#candace

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