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Michael Cole grew up in Raleigh, where he received an associate’s degree in graphic design at Johnston Community College after pursuing visual art studies and art history throughout high school. He then moved to Asheville with his family in 2000 and continued an interest in cartooning and its growing influence on the internet. Michael always wanted to pursue cartooning and Dragin was conceived in 2008 after a childhood of Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts and other newspaper comics. Michael went on to become a member of the South Eastern Chapter of National Cartoonists where he changed, improved, and then relaunched Dragin. This was the result of the inspiration and mentoring of many talented cartoonists and inkers living in the South as well as the explosion of webcomics on the internet. Michael still lives in Asheville where the life and beauty of the mountains continue to grow and inspire Dragin.

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