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Skylarking is a single-panel Comic Feature that rejoices the Joker in all of us. SkyJLarking (verb)  To fool around or to gallivant. To commit tomfoolery or shenanigans .  Excessive non-serious behavior. (noun) Single-Panel Comic hilarity. Skylarking is the collaboration of writer Jim Brumm’s uniquely gifted comedic prose, and artist Evan Falcone’s branded form of illustrative tomfoolery. Jim Brumm is a writer, editor, former magazine publisher, and always a skylarker. Through the years his constant joke cracking and views on the humorous side of life have gotten him in trouble many times. Skylarking provides a much-needed venue for his lighthearted, yet not-always-appropriate perspective on life. He is the author of the book, Long-Term Thinking for a Short-Sighted World, due out in spring of 2012. Evan Falcone is a gifted artist and humorist, able to brilliantly capture with pen and ink the humor and absurdity of daily life. Evan’s magic pen can breathe life into a concept, transforming words into hilarious visuals for all to share. A writer as well, he is also the creator of AmaZn Events, a Comic also featured on Comics Sherpa, celebrating Humanity's triumphs, challenges and opportunities for embarrassment.

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