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Francis Bonnet's Comic Strip History

Crunchy was a gag-a-day strip featuring a crazy turtle, who also happened to be the pet of a little girl named Tara. Over time, the strip's focus began to shift away from Crunchy and more on Tara and her friends. By the end of the strip's run, it was clear that Patrick, a friend of Tara, had taken over as the lead character. With this strip, Francis learned to never name a series after a specific character again because their direction can change over time.

Crunchy concluded on June 29, 2005 to make way for a new strip titled Suburban Fairy Tales. This series focused on teenage fairy tale characters living in a modern suburbia. Pinocchio and The Frog Prince quickly took over as the strip's stars. Although Suburban Fairy Tales featured a wealth of gag-a-day strips, Francis began to further explore working with more complex story lines, which he had first touched upon during Crunchy. The final Suburban Fairy Tales story line was the most intricate, running from August 16 through September 26, 2006. This story actually introduced the characters and concept that was to become Francis' next series, Made To Malfunction.

Made To Malfunction began on October 2, 2006 as a spin-off of the final Suburban Fairy Tales story line. This series - a mix of science fiction and humor - focused on the character Mortimer, an inventor striving to better mankind, and his lazy housekeeping robot, Error. Instead of featuring a mix of gag-a-day strips with minor story lines thrown in, Made To Malfunction ran in full story arcs. This format allowed for the characters and the strip to better evolve over time, as well as allowing the science fiction element to be explored in greater detail.

Made To Malfunction ran for two years and was finally concluded on September 15, 2008. A week later Suburban Fairy Tales was relaunched, picking up exactly where it left off. Suburban Fairy Tales continues to this day.

Longtime readers will notice subtle connections between all three strips as characters and ideas have occasionally been referenced.

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