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About the strip "The New Adventures of Queen Victoria" was born on February 8th, 2006, and was intended as a one-off joke with Victoria making fun of a certain famous comic cat she now shares a website with. Three panels of the cat making funny faces, followed by Victoria saying "We are not amused."

The next day, to everyone's surprise (including the creator's), a new strip appeared, and she has been as regular as a prune danish ever since.

In the time since her debut, Victoria has tackled the Muslim Cartoon controversy, gone hunting with Dick Cheney, gone to speed dating with Queen Bess and the Marx Brothers, defended her son Edward's decision to open a MySpace page (which got him kicked out of school), and tried to conquer the entire World Wide Web, just to name a few popular storylines. Who knows what misadventures she will wind up in next? (Well, Pab does, but otherwise, who knows?)

Victoria answers audience E-Mail from time to time ("when We darned well feel like it," as she would say). If you have a question or comment, you may mail her at victoria@ cnx.com.

Rule Britannia!

Meet the cast of The New Adventures of Queen Victoria!

HRH Alexandrina Victoria Hanover von Witten and Saxe-Coburg and Goetha, Dei Gratia Queen of All Britons, Defender Of The Faith, and Empress of India. Commonly known as just "Victoria". Victoria was the longest reigning British monarch, ruling from 1837 until her death in 1901. In February of 2006, she came back to host a comic strip in which she discusses modern culture, current events, and the vicissitudes of 21st Century life. Even though she insists that "we are not amusing," she has been known to bring a chuckle to a few people's faces from time to time.
Edward. Victoria's eldest son, he will one day go on to rule as Edward VII, but for right now he has to contend with being a Victorian (not quite Edwardian, yet) youth in a Blairian and neo-Thatcherite world. He was once suspended from school for creating a Myspace page. His interests include croquet, fox hunting, and empire building.
Liz. Victoria's best friend, Liz is the only person who knows what Victoria is going through, and truly sympathizes. The original Woman in a Man's World, Liz often has insight into matters that Victoria does not. It is often Liz's job to bring Victoria out of her shell by accompanying her to Bingo, Speed Dating, or the latest conquest.
Mary. A recent friend, Mary offers Victoria the guidance and serenity that Liz cannot. She is Victoria's moral compass and spiritual protector. She doesn't show up often, or say much, but when she does, it means something, so people had better listen.
Mrs Clipart. Edward's principal, who does not wholly approve of Victoria's decisions in parenting. She may be married, or related in some other way to Maurice.
...and many others, too numerous to count! You never know who's going to show up in Victoria's world. Really.

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