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Hi gang, sorry for break in submissions/story lines, but I'm going through some health things temporarily, seems an item popped up in a normal check up that has to be checked out and eliminated as no real problem or dealt with, I should be advised soon. So hoping all is well and back to work soon. Meanwhile we are just getting over introductions of charachters and getting into some real story lines so hang in. I will repeat our intro story with a little change and introduce Clancy's bar, the guys will comment on current events and get pluged in to cover a current event when needed. Besides our little advisory from Sheldon and Wormy, stuff should be flowing in December with some flashbacks from the '80s which lead to some new really big karakters and a very interesting storyline. Also see you at Facebook soon I hope, with a bunch of things going on at our place...keep the faith, Bobby.

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