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Wally is a forty-something father of three who has been married to his wife, Gayle, for more than 20 years. He works in the creative department of Shill Advertising, an ad agency, as a writer and artist. In his younger years he used to play a lot of sports, but now is pretty much relegated to cheering from the couch. A virtual encyclopedia of useless knowledge, he loves to talk trivia with his son, Andy. As he ages, Wally is trying to come to grips with where his life is going, while reflecting on where his life has been. Wally’s forty-something wife, Gayle is a devoted mother and elementary school teacher. She tries to keep the kids active, despite the “help” she gets from her husband. She spends what leisure time she has watching home-improvement shows and concocting new projects to keep Wally busy. Andy is the youngest of Wally and Gayle’s three children. He likes to play sports but is more likely to just watch them from the comfort of the couch. He loves movies and TV and spends most of his time in front of the TV screen. Erin is the most active of the three children. She loves playing softball and is very competitive. As the middle child, she has a tendency to be a little sensitive. Robin is a teenager who’s becoming aware of the world outside of the family. She often butts heads with her parents, especially Wally. She loves fashion, and refuses to wear the same outfit twice. When Wally gets to thinking about his life and takes stock of what he’s become, he talks to himself in the form of “Introspective Wally”. Introspective Wally is the sum total of his hopes, dreams and self image. He is the person inside of all of us that dreamt the big dreams and aspired to greatness until life got in the way. He is bitingly sarcastic and unrelenting in his mission not to let Wally settle into a mundane, complacent existence.

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