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AWARDS: 2008, awarded a Laureate medal for the 2008 Computerworld Honors Program (formerly known as the Smithsonian Award), nominated by the CEOs of Research in Motion (RIM), the creators of BlackBerry, for the work he’s done with PensEyeView.com. Frieman is one of the youngest recipients of this award and PensEyeView.com is the smallest company to ever win this honor. 2008, named one of the 35 Under 35: Finest Young Professionals in Baltimore. 2008, named a finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards National Book Awards, for his debut children's book, "Terple - The Sky Is Just The Start". One of the youngest recipients of that honor. 2008, Frieman retires from an 8 year professional wrestling career known as “The Thrill From Israel” Buster Maccabi where he earned titles in various federations throughout the Mid Atlantic. 2012, Frieman's second book, "Terple - Always Dream Bigger" (Trust Your Cape Publishing, 2012) was the winner of The 2012 Gelett Burgess Children's Book Award for Best Poetry and Rhyme Book. 2012 "Terple - Always Dream Bigger" wins the Children's Literary Classics for Best First Picture Book/Early Reader. Again, Frieman remains the youngest winner in the award’s history. 2013, St. Martin's Press publishes Richie's book, "REPLY ALL… And Other Ways To Tank Your Career" on September 17, 2013 and has since become an Amazon.com BEST SELLER, reaching #1 in three different categories; #1 in Business Etiquette (its main market), #1 in Business Lifestyle and #1 Self-Help & Psychology Humor (even surpassing “Dilbert”, “Anchorman”, “Diary of A Wimpy Kid” and “The Last Lecture”). Frieman is actually one of the - if not the - youngest person in the manners and etiquette book genre to become a best seller. As well, remains one of the youngest authors overall on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List. Frieman success has landed him on media outlets across the globe, appearing live on numerous radio and TV shows, including MSBNC and FOX News Entertainment. His advice has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Forbes Magazine, Fast Company, USA Today, Fox Business News, FHM, Publishers Weekly, Parade, Sharp Magazine, Shape Magazine, MO.com, HOW, The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore's Child, Patch.com, The MRKETPlace, The Daily Journal, Baltimore Examiner, The Jewish Times, and Under 30 CEO Magazine, just to name a few.

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