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This is a strip about cats. I thought the universe really needed one - there's a niche in the market for a strip about cats that just hasn't been filled. Smith and Jones are two Siamese cats, brother and sister, living the the suburbs of a town on the south coast of England. Smith (the seal point one) just wants a life of quiet dignity, as befits a cat of his stature, but unfortunately he has to share it with his sillier, more excitable sister, Jones (the chocolate point one). The cats next door are Smudge, a bossy blue and white cat who is the guardian of her sacred wall, and her brother, Chumley, who is huge but a coward. They all share a communal back garden with Scrumpy, a melancholy rabbit, and an assortment of bullying seagulls. Also making an appearance will be some foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs, badgers and a poetic cockroach who refers to Jones as 'boss'.

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