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First, a word about the design of the comic. The intention is that the dialogue balloons be read first, then the punch line at the bottom. But, hey, this is America! If you want to go straight for the laugh, or groan, as the case may be, then more power to you!

You may be wondering about the origin of the name of my feature, "Peeples." Well, possibly you've deduced that my drawing ability does not match my copy writing skills, and you would be correct. So, I decided, why not let the undrawn characters exist below the frame, and the reader can put their imagination to work as to how they might look, or what the action may be like.

For instance, in the "Ken, Barbie, GI Joe" panel, if the camera were to pan downwards, below the frame, I envision Barbie & Ken serenely fawning over each other with GI Joe flying into the shot. Another example would be the ant in the congressional hearing: would he be human-sized, sitting on a chair, or ant-sized on the table, shouting up at one of those old fashioned desk microphones? You get to decide!

So, because my cartoon has no people, it is "people-less," shortened to "Peeples." I hope you enjoy the humor. You may want to grab a glass of water, because it can get pretty dry in here!

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