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Kicker - Soccer Dude is all about soccer. You don’t have to be big and beefy to enjoy playing soccer. You don’t have to be rich either. But you can be ‘rich in skills’ and that will help you on the field. Off the field fans can enjoy the spectacle of great soccer. Like most fans, Kicker feels strongly about how the game is played, annoyed at the errors, upset when his side loses and ecstatic when his side wins. Kicker and his pals echo all the elements of being soccer lovers and my comic strip Kicker the Soccer Dude attempts to portray those daily dilemmas or delights of soccer-related moments. In this strip you’ll meet Kicker and his best friends who play soccer with him or watch the game. You’ll meet the new friends he comes in contact with through the game. As the artist I welcome comments, advice, questions and above all criticism if the strip is not meeting its objective: giving you a daily dose of humor and an insight into the game’s ‘magic’. If you enjoy the comic strip please spread the word. It’s satisfying to know that I can make you laugh or even say ‘yes that happened to me’. Kicker is meant to entertain. I hope you agree. Questions I have to put to my readers. Do you watch Soccer Dude alone or share the fun? What age are you? A youngster or a dad? Is it something the two of you can share? Finally have you found it useful for Soccer Dude to be giving soccer tips - like ball control, passing, body swerves and so on? Please let me know as they have appeared. Peeby (Peter Betts) Peebycartoons@cox.net (new website: www.peebycartoons.net Note: This year's cartoon strips represent a selection from the previous 3 years' entries.

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