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You know, I have often been asked, "what are those things you draw?" And then I get "why do you feel it necessary to burden the world with your twisted sense of humor?"

Well, to answer the second question first, since I work at a big, faceless, soul-destroying software company, I have a lot of time to think of just how absurd the world is and how can I reflect that absurdity in 4 short panels every other week when time permits. I owe it to the world to give it some lightness and comic absurdity.

To answer the first question second, they aren't talking stomachs as a friend said to me recently. Stanko & Tibor are gargoyles set adrift in a human world. The dad lost his jobs at the castle and has been hunting for employment ever since. Somehow he gets by, while his erstwhile son manages to get through school just fine. There are other characters coming, I just haven't had time to draw them. Give me some time.

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