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Here's a little explanation of Candace 'n' Company: My cartoon stars Candace Reed, a single girl not far out of college, living with her pet mutt Fido, and roommate Megan Thomas in a rented suburban house. Much of the strip focuses on life right here, contrasting Candace's struggles to keep the house clean and orderly with Megan's total disregard for any form of tidiness. Candace's upbeat, joking personality also frequently clashes with Megan's short fuse and lack of patience. Fido the dog often fits into the strip by simply ignoring orders, barking in the middle of the night, or escaping his leash and running off to cause trouble with other neighborhood dogs. Whether or not this is a reflection on poor training by Candace or that he simply has an indomitable spirit is never actually addressed. The office where Candace works can also be the focal point of the strip, where her boss, Bob Davis, a businessman with a generic white-collar job, is constantly frustrated by his inept assistant (Candace). Bob often spends free time golfing with buddies, but his lack of skill generally leads to further aggravation. Another recurring character is Bob's wife Elmira (usually addressed as "Ellie"), who is sometimes regarded by both her husband and Candace as a "health nut". She's a personal friend of Candace, often getting after her to exercise as well. Once in a while, a whole strip will focus not on Candace, but on Bob and Ellie, in an effort to take a humorous poke at married life. Want more Candace 'n' Company? www.candaceandcompany.com facebook.com/candaceandcompanystrip http://comxcandacencompany.blogspot.com/ http://www.zenithcitynews.com/062116/candace.htm#candace

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