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A-Bomb the cartoon character is a misunderstood creation of technology who always operates in reverse. His mission is to somehow save mankind by threatening to destroy mankind. His friend Robot-Boy, nicknamed A.I. is the exact opposite. Robot-Boy plans to destroy mankind by pretending to help mankind advance. Surrounding the titanic battles of these two miscreant creations of modern technology is the Fly, representing the interests of the insects who plan to take over the planet no matter who wins between A-Bomb and Robot-Boy. Big Momma is a shrill voice offering opinions from the art, social, and political world. The Talking Pyramids represent the wisdom and secrets of the past, the Talking Nuclear Reactors are icons of the controversies in the now, and then, there is Dronie who implies a future that may come without privacy. Prickly, the cactus, is an onsite commentator and generally a voice of panic. He is A-Bomb's best friend and his constant early warning system. Plutonium is A-Bomb's special girlfriend and our hero finds he has no power without her. Mr. America is a stocky delusionist who fancies himself a suave ballerina. Apple, Book-Face, and Gaggle are three confused modern creations who think the best future lies with A.I. (Robot-Boy) and they fight on his side against A-Bomb. As for the other characters who pass through the comic strip only time will reveal the meaning, if there is any, to their heroic and conflicted stories.

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