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Dragin works in hospitality at an old castle turned tourist attraction aptly named “The Castle.” On a backpacking trip through Europe, Dragin meets George who follows Dragin back to America. Dragin and George become fast friends. Antics ensue. George is a timid dragon who’s wings were shrunk due to a dastardly witch. George tends to be very curious about cultures and Dragin is usually correcting him and keeping him out of trouble. Oh, George wanted to add that the witch “was mean and wouldn’t share her delicious mango tree fruit because she’s a poopy face!” According to legend. Andrew is a mischevious troll who escaped from a traveling band of gypsies with the help of George and is now plotting revenge. Andrew decided to stay with George and Dragin and a sitcom is born. This is a sitcom, isn’t it? Cartoon? Who has time for cartoons? On the internet? That’ll never work!

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