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Welcome to Gondwanaland!

Yes, Gondwana is a northern most island unknown to the world that it even exists. It has everything a civilization would need to flourish. Mountains, fresh water lakes and streams, sandy beaches, forests and farmland for cultivating crops of all kinds. There are also big cities and urban dwellings.

So why the big secret?

The island of Gondwana is hidden near the icebergs of the north. A trail of smoke from Mt. Billow helps to hide the island from radar and satellite imaging. So yes, it can very well stay hidden from the entire world...as it has for thousands of years...at least for now.

The mystery gets even better.

Gondwanland doesn't even know that a world exists outside of their island. The island is inhabited by intelligent animals. Yes, animals of all kinds. In fact, most people from the world, if ever had the chance to visit Gondwanaland, would think it was no different than their own cities. Only the fact that animals rule Gondwanaland.

How is this possible you ask? Come find out by reading my comic titled, "Hubbel", about Bill Hubbel, the blue-footed booby, Dilly Duffy, the crocodile, Hanna the hyena, Hermy the whatsit, Pettles the warthog, Artie the viper, Mr. Silver the gorilla, and the many other cast members from Gondwanaland.

See if we can laugh at ourselves. See if they are more carnal in a world where PC is not allowed.

Stay tuned.


Bill Hubbel

Hubbel is a blue footed booby who works at Gork Games as a programmer extraordinaire. He is very smart. Sometimes, he is too smart for his own good. He tries to be nice, but he is often annoying, rude, and sometimes belligerent. Deep down he really does have a good heart.


Dilly is a playful crocodile that works at Gork Games as a video game tester. He isn't the brightest tool in the shed, but he's no dummy either. He is crazy about sports, especially football. He has many hidden talents yet to be revealed.


Hermy is a very odd creature that works at Gork Games leading the engine team. He has a genius IQ, yet only speaks in symbols. Is he a mole, a muskrat, a beaver, a rat, a gerbil?? No one is quite sure? He is definitely a mystery.


Archie is a venomous viper that works at Gork Games as an artist. More than anything, he loves to draw, design, and constrict dinner. He is good friends with Hubbel, Dilly, and Hermy.


Pettles is a wort hog that works at Gork Games as an artist. She is the heart of the misfits that work at Gork. She is kind, friendly and helpful, and she isn't even trying.


Hanna is a hyena. She is also the Office Manager at Gork Games. She tries to keep sane while working with the odd lot misfits at Gork, and has to try especially hard while working around Hubbel and his silly antics.

Mr. Silver

Mr. Silver is a silverback gorilla. He's the President of Gork Games. If only he didn't work with so many geeks, nerds, and nutjobs.

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