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    About Comics Sherpa

    The Comics Sherpa service from GoComics.com lets aspiring cartoonists (or established cartoonists with a new idea) tap into the huge and loyal readership on GoComics.com for feedback and exposure.

    Thousands of comics fans visit our sites daily to read the icons of the comics pages -- like "Doonesbury," "Garfield," "Bloom County," "Ziggy" and "Calvin & Hobbes."

    Now your work can be featured in the same forum as these comics page classics.

    Find out how to add your comic strip to the Comics Sherpa roster!

    What's with the name, "Comics Sherpa"?
    The Sherpas of Nepal are famous for their expertise in the perilous pursuit of alpine expeditioning. Aspiring cartoonists need a trusted guide to face the equally treacherous challenge of developing a comic feature of their own. The Comics Sherpa can be that guide.

    Why are we going to all this trouble?
    We're confident that the next Larson, Trudeau or Watterson is out there, waiting to be discovered! So we've enlisted the help of our GoComics.com users to read up-and-coming-strips and post their feedback. Their input could incubate a seed of an idea into a comic that goes beyond its humble beginnings here on the Web. In the process, we hope to provide some great entertainment for our users and a new outlet for your creative energy.

    Take the tour to learn more about Comics Sherpa!

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